Fire yourself 👏🏽

Fire yourself 👏🏽

I am looking forward to a big vacation this holiday season. It’s the third big one for me and my daughter this year.

I’m reflecting on how small decisions to delegate, assign tasks, hire help and generally offload tasks have enabled me to take more time for myself and my family from week to week and even year over year.

I work no more than 30 hours a week, and many weeks less than that. Over the past several weeks, my focus has been less on work and more on family. In fact, I’ve only gone into the office twice in the past two weeks as I wrapped up the semester at the University and tended to the needs of my parents.

It’s amazing how one simple decision to get the right support can change your life. What are you willing to pass on to someone else so that you can live the life that you worked so hard for?

My goal is to work less and less every year, and I am doing it.

Join me.

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