Have a cup of tea or coffee with me…☕

Have a cup of tea or coffee with me…☕

Have a cup of coffee or tea with me, and let’s hack your life and leadership goals together!

That cup is on me if you relax on my couch at my office and join me in person. So local leaders and those who happen to be in town, head my way. 🚗

Did you know that I take clients on the fly, no contract, by appointment? Space is limited because my under contract clients book up their sessions quickly.

All you need to do is book using one of our trusty booking links below, or call us.

We also have weekly offers that you can take advantage of now, and book as many a la carte sessions as you’d like.

I currently have 5 slots available over the next 30 days for each of the following which are currently 5% off my regular fee for individuals looking for these services. (These are for individual, non-sponsored leaders only).

📆 50-minute executive coaching for professionals who are looking to ascend, are senior managers and up or senior executive level to C-Suite who are looking to make an impact or a power move.

📆 50-minute life coaching for professionals who are looking for transformation, clarity or impact at home, with relationships and in the community.

Allow me to support you through whatever life deals you at work or away from work. Just remember this week’s offers on executive and personal coaching end soon. You can schedule out as far as you need. Just be sure to book today.

We also have business and career coaching sessions available with very capable coaches on tap.

Organizations, if you are looking for a la carte options for your leaders, please contact me separately for org pricing and options.

Isn’t it cool to have access to a wing woman with just the click of a mouse? 🙂

To instantly access this week’s offers click here.

See you soon!

Coach L.

P.S. Don’t forget to ask about Coaching + Counseling!

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