Ep 62: #ThrowbackThursday The Hidden Figures Episode, Nicole Lynn, Danielle Surency Jones, Andrea Wilson

This #ThrowbackThursday is not only about Hidden Figures, it has a hidden gem in it.  There’s news for you in this edition that includes an editor’s pick harkening back to March 2019, Women’s History Month.  We take a look back at the Hidden Figures event sponsored by the North Texas Black Sports Professionals Network–the first time the show recorded live…because it will happen again in a very special…

Ep 60: #ThrowThursday Anniversary Edition

We are still celebrating the podcast’s birthday!  I’m going get some gluten free cake!  So I’m re-racking one of the most downloaded episodes of all time, and you may be surprised at which one it is.  Happy listening!  Enjoy!

Ep 58: Vegan Sexy Cool with Jacque Reid

Who is ready to go all in on the vegan lifestyle?  I talk to one of the gurus out there, TV and Radio journalist Jacque Reid.  It’s more than just a diet.  You need to hear this.  Eat better, do better….feel better.

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5 Ways to ‘Boss Up’ Your Career with these Career-Coaching Tips

by L Michelle Smith March 31, 2019 According to Forbes, career coaching is a $2 billion, global industry. It seems you can’t sling a hashtag without finding a career coach online. This is partially due to the internet enabling the growth and popularity of the profession within the last 15 years. It is clear that digital and social media are driving the services that coaches offer. Recently, I had the distinct…

FREE #30MM Masterclass #3: Building and Activating Your Personal Board of Directors

Ready to move from a linear mentoring model to a surround-sound model for growing your business or career? This FREE #30MinuteMentor Masterclass will reveal how to move beyond a mere mentorship and sponsorship paradigm to a 360 model that engages air cover, ground cover and latent board members who may already be in your community. Then we will talk about how to activate the board with your value…

5 Ways to Power Up Your Digital Footprint

  Googled yourself lately? What did you notice?  Are you satisfied with the impression you leave for those who find you?  Are you non-existent?   In the article about “Un-Networking…,”  I shared the idea of being attractive. A good way to do that is to be intentional about your digital footprint. It might be the most efficient way to deliver a positive and notable personal brand. According to…

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