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#BossMoves: What if I told you that science backs the ideals behind positive emotion?

Key to it is positive self talk, but if you are really honest about this, do you wonder if these affirmations are supposed to work like magic? As if you simply say them, and BOOF the negative emotions and self-doubt just disappear? That the business you’ve been struggling to make profitable is suddenly rolling in it…that you can simply SAY things into existence? It isn’t magic. It isn’t…

Are you doing the “office housework”?

Ladies… do you pride yourself in taking copious notes in each meeting? Please stop. It’s called the “office housework” for a reason. According to research, more women than men are expected to take notes during meetings. Look, at some point you should be able to enter a meeting with complete focus, and come out knowing what you need to know and taking appropriate next steps without burying your…

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