No Thanks for Girls: 7 Ways to Say I’m Beautiful, Strong & Enough


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No Thanks for Girls is now available  for Kindle, in hard cover and paperback, worldwide at most online bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Books-a-Million, Chapters Indigo and more!

No Thanks for Girls: 7 Ways to Say I’m Beautiful, Strong and Enough is my daughter Joni’s debut children’s book. Amazon released the print edition today, so go get your hands on it!

Inspired by my book, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself, this colorfully illustrated book is perfect for kids ages 6-10. It’s a lesson in self-esteem, courage, & confidence as the author shares stories from the backyard, to the classroom, to the playground.

Follow Sophie as she navigates feeling left out, scared, bullied, not pretty or smart enough while in online and in-person school during the challenges of 2020, & how she works with family members & other adults to see that she is indeed strong, beautiful, and enough. She uses 7 positive affirmations and gratitude to do it!

Sophie even asks questions at the end of each vignette to facilitate discussion & critical thinking for parent-child or small group engagement & age-appropriate personal coaching.

Get your copy in other formats  today! 🎉Leadership Development



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