How should corporations recognize Juneteenth?

I’m so glad that the Black leaders at Audible raised this insightful question. I had an awesome time speaking to BEN@audible this afternoon. I shared a bit about my background as a Black Texan and my experience with the holiday before it became nationally recognized, and it may surprise you that my family never celebrated, but we definitely acknowledged it. Perhaps it had more to do with my family’s…

Juneteenth is a holiday. Now what?

I hope that you will wake up early with me on Sunday, June 19th where I will be discussing the meaning of the Juneteenth holiday and how people and brands can better celebrate and commemorate this day of freedom. DFW-area community can tune in on WFAA Channel 8 for Daybreak. Outside of our area, you can catch the replay video on wfaa.com after it airs.

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