Understanding Empathy for Better Leadership

Understanding Empathy for Better Leadership

Happy Juneteenth!

If you don’t understand the holiday or why many celebrate it and why some of us may not be falling all over ourselves to strike up the grill, then here is a video for you.

But first, why not do a little research… then learn about why it is a time of jubilation for some, and for others– it still feels a little disrespectful. As a Texan and descendant of slaves (my great grandmother was born on a plantation), I know what drove the two-year-long late news.

(And I love Ms. Opal Lee… it’s possible to have two feelings at once!)

But the only way to truly understand why your team members may be in either camp or neutral, takes a little learning and a little empathy. To have empathy, it’s best to know what it is and be able to recognize emotions in yourself and others.

You may be saying, “Coach L., I know how I feel, and I can articulate it.” Good for you–many people struggle with it.

I had a client answer my question, “How are you feeling?” by saying, “I feel beat up.” She was surprised to receive a little pushback from me in the next observation and follow up:

“I understand, that is what someone did to you, but how does that make you feel? Try to use a feeling word.”

Women of color struggle with this the most, and men–80% of you don’t know how to pinpoint your feelings either, so let’s talk about it.

DM me if you’d like to engage in our new SOAR DISCernIQ ™ Awareness Assessment, Consult and Coaching experience for yourself or yourself and your team. Otherwise, join us in The Circle where we are discussing the topic throughout the month of June.


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