How to attract and recruit top tech talent

Despite news of massive layoffs at Big Tech firms like Google, Cisco, Amazon, and others, there remains an IT staff shortage at many companies, especially in smaller and mid-sized organizations. I spoke with The Channel Company’s MES Computing and provided strategic tips on recruiting and retaining IT talent. I also weighed in on fostering a corporate culture that is welcoming to Gen Zers who are entering or about…

“The Jig Is Up” -Coach L. Michelle

There’s research across the board that says your employees have to feel engaged. Now, what does that look like? We’re living in an age where people can see past the beer cart, and the Wine Down Wednesday, and the free meal, and the so called unlimited PTO we see. The jig is up.”- L. Michelle Smith, Certified Executive & Personal Coach https://www.mescomputing.com/news/4195339/executive-career-coach-heres-recruit-retain-talent

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