Empowering high performing, professional women to become transformational, senior executives.

Join our private, online community of like-minded leaders striving to become the rockstar leaders they aspire to be. It is a safe space to chat in real-time, tap into live events, learn the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology-based methods to accelerate your leadership quests, download digital learning tools and create community around one mission: developing more extraordinary women leaders, especially those of color.

We have the following features for you, accessible from your iOs or Android devices via Mighty Networks. You can download it on Apple App Store or Google Play!

  • a tribe for mindfulness meditations
  • secret circles for national sororities
  • online courses
  • Live group coaching for clients and graduates
  • daily exclusive content on leadership topics you won’t see anywhere else
  • freebies and digital tools for elearning

You are invited to join us here.  Sign up today!Did you know that we host monthly group coaching sessions on SLAYNET for those who subscribe?  We call it The Circle, and you can find out more about it here.

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