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The NSC Coaching & Consulting offers e-learning in the form of webinars, masterclasses. audiocasts and conferences and other digital content.  Full online courses will be offered soon.  We can also tailor live, in-person masterclasses for your business or organizations. Click here to book a time to discuss.  NSC releases content at least twice monthly.  Stay tuned for announcements.

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We now offer monthly subscriptions where you will receive one item of digital content from our library per month.  The digital tools will be pushed out to you monthly by email.  Here are some topics from our library.  Subscribe below.

  • Celebrate You! (audio journaling prompts)
  • Tapping Into Your Dreams (audio journaling prompts)
  • Finding Your Hidden Treasure–Goals Motivator  (worksheet)
  • BRAND-AID: Creating Content that Sells, hosted by Nick Nelson, the Brandprenuer
  • Un-Networking for Those Who Hate the Other Word (webinar, highlights)
  • Authenticity 101: How to Do You and Win (webinar)
  • Leveraging Your Personal Brand for Maximum Impact (Masterclass)
  • Communicating Like a Boss
  • Career Transitions: Shifting Your Mindset for Change (audiocast)
  • Executive Presence Online and Off (audiocast)
  • How to Intentionally Assemble and Activate Your Tribe (audio conference)
  • Get More Clients Fast (webinar, slide deck)
  • NSC Small Biz Covid-19 Recovery (audiocast)
  • Executive Presence: Rock the Platform (webinar)
  • Preparing for What’s Next with Covid-19 (webinar)
  • Resilience in the Age of Covid-19 (keynote)
  • Building and Activating Your Personal Board of Directors (webinar)
  • Leading Through the Movement (Bundle)

Books, eBooks and eGuides


3-Minute Reads, Cheatsheets and Worksheets

  • 6 Ways to Advocate for Your Sisters
  • #RelationshipGoals: 7 Tried-and-True Ways to Build Great Business Relationships
  • NSC Small Biz Covid-19 Recovery Checklist
  • 5 Reasons for Authentic Leadership
  • 5 Ways to Scale Up Fast
  • 7 Steps to Start A Podcast
  • 7 Stealth Engagement Hacks for LinkedIn
  • 5 Ways Leaders Can Prepare for What’s Next After Covid-19
  • 5 Shifts To Become More Resilient Through Change

NSC eLearning Digital Access Packages

BASIC SUBSCRIPTION:  Receive 1 digital tool per month by email for 14.99 per month, 9.99 setup fee. Cancel anytime. SUBSCRIBE NOW.

PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION:  Receive 1 digital tool per month and a 30-minute laser coaching monthly for 12 months.  Pay $50 to sign up, and $50 per month. Cancel anytime. SUBSCRIBE NOW.

EXECUTIVE COACHING & DIGITAL TOOL SUBSCRIPTION:  Receive 1 executive coaching session (50 minutes) and 1 digital tool monthly continuously until you cancel your subscription.  Requires $100 setup fee.  Your account will be auto drafted  $200 monthly. SUBSCRIBE NOW.

  • NSC Personal Brand Builder Jet Pack Micro Course


      Ready to get your personal brand in order, but fast? This special jump starter pack of digital learning content and one coaching session is perfect for you.  It includes more than 3 hours of coursework, one 30-minute coaching session, a masterclass, two digital tools, a webinar and storytelling, coaching guidance and advice throughout from a certified coach, LMS. When you’ve completed this jetpack, you will have shifted your…

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