Handle your toxic boss with science

How do you handle a toxic boss? One tactic that many of them use is to keep you reacting, mainly to their requests. When you are reacting, you are not in control, and it is a great way to lose your focus which is paramount to your excellent performance. One of the primary complaints I get from clients about toxic bosses is that they fill their day with…

How to be more focused

Are you the ultimate cause of your lack of focus? 🤪 You’re training your brain to be distracted. 🧠 Did you know that you might be training your brain to be more distracted by “multitasking”? It’s called competitive neuroplasticity, according to neuroscience, and it is the act of overloading your brain with too many processes. Your brain actually re-organizes itself, training your brain to shorten your attention span.…

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