Join The SHIFT Peace & Productivity Mastermind

When life shifts, its time for you to find the message in the mess. Join other extraordinary leaders of this 10 week group coaching that will support you in putting your Peace & Productivity plan into action. Once a week, with breaks for holidays, we will meet to ➡️Take control of what’s holding you back ➡️Center and leverage your values to prioritize your “crystal balls” and “rubber balls”…

  Where the end game is transformation. An entire cohort of leaders already know what it feels like to reclaim their peace and get back to productivity… but it’s just the beginning. We’ll announce on Monday. Get ready.

We kick off tonight!

  The best news is that enrollment will remain open until the session begins at 6:30 p.m. CT this evening. Then registration closes. We still have some slots open. Don’t miss out. Learn more here. Register at

Last day to sign up for the NSC Peace & Productivity Challenge

Whether you are • experiencing the crush of life’s surprises and challenges while you’re trying to reach your goals, or • feeling overwhelmed in the midst of your goal getting, or • facing a toxic work environment, or • life has thrown you some other kind of a curve ball… We have four LIVE sessions with like-minded leaders like you that will inspire you uncluttered your mind, let…

What’s got you stuck in this season?

Did you know that many of us still haven’t dealt with the trauma that the news cycle consistently unloads on us? That could be holding you back as well. I’m enjoying hearing from you about what’s standing in the way of your peace and productivity. Keep it coming! What’s keeping you from working on your goals these days? We kick off the #NSCPeaceandProductivity Challenge Nov. 1. Be sure…

Overwhelmed? Join the Peace & Productivity Challenge

  It may surprise you, but I do more listening than speaking. Watch and learn about the NSC Coaching #PeaceandProductivityChallenge. It’s four LIVE sessions with like-minded leaders like you will inspire you uncluttered your mind, let go of whatever you may need to, gain insight and refocus on whatever it is that you need to get done. Best of all, it’s FREE. It’s open to any leader. Sign…

Are you the ultimate cause of your lack of focus? 🤪

Did you know that you might be training your brain to be more distracted by “multitasking”? It’s called competitive neuroplasticity, according to neuroscience, and it is the act of overloading your brain with too many processes. You brain actually re-organizes itself, training your brain to shorten your attention span. Multitasking isn’t real either. You are actually task switching, and you may have gotten pretty good at it. But…

How can you work smarter?

You may consider letting go of something if you want to keep it simple and work smarter. Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt provides you with a tool that I share with clients. Watch this video and learn about the 4 D’s. Then circle back and tell me how much time you added to your day, your week, your life. Get some time on my books.

How to set yourself up for success

  Set a big audacious goal and now you’re just staring at it? You many want to start small to just get started. Watch: today’s #NSCJournalPrompt helps you do that. Grab time on my calendar for a FREE strategy session.

Your goals may be your undoing

One neuroscientist calls these “BUT” goals that you devise on your daily or weekly to-do lists. They set you up to fail, and they are ❌ Big ❌ Un-fun ❌ Time-boxed Your brain loves it when you break big goals down into small tasks. It allows you to engage the progress loop which means even the smallest success generates the dopamine your brain needs to make you feel…

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