How will you take action?

  It’s on you, my sister. Today’s #NSCJournalPrompts challenges you to put actions behind your words. It’s on us, ladies. We can’t afford to wait for allies and other accomplices to step up. What will you do to get in formation for your sister? Grab time on my books to talk strategy if you want to take serious steps to help more of us get to the C-Suite.

How to know when you need to pull back.

You have two glasses. Fill the first glass with the time and effort you are giving to your company. Fill the other with what your company is giving you. Now compare them. Is “the math mathing?” Thanks for attending my Ted Talk.

What should women of color do now?

  It’s been a long three years. The health and economic crisis has been quite a tax on us mentally, physically and financially. Then an ongoing cultural crisis came to a boiling point with the world’s collective rebuke on anti Blackness and continues to simmer with accountability (George Floyd) and justice (Ahmaud Arbery) found in some cases, and in others, not so much (Breonna Taylor). To add to…

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