It’s time you were intentional about your leadership goals.

“I’ve never looked for a position in my entire career.” That’s an excellent position to be in, but what if you decided to be intentional about your direction and leadership aspirations? Are you allowing your path to be plotted by someone else? Selective, yes, but still simply taking it as it comes… if it comes? Are you wondering why that “tap on the shoulder” hasn’t come your way…

…Tackling Imposter Syndrome as a Black Woman in HR

How Zapier Director of Compensation Jocelyne Wright-McLemore Is Tackling Imposter Syndrome as a Black Woman in HR by Kathrine Plumhoff/PowerToFly Jocelyne Wright-McLemore has a sticky note that she looks at every day: “I’m overqualified and I can do this.” Zapier‘s Director of Compensation put that sticky note up shortly after she rolled out a big new project at the online automation company and received some critical feedback on…

How Do Women Move Forward Now?

Experts say that women were one of the hardest hit by fall out from the pandemic in the U.S. According to one of the latest job reports, women were 100% of the thousands of job losses, with the weight of caregiving and online school weighing heavily on them.  But with our country showing initial signs of opening up again—vaccines, businesses cautiously reopening, some to full capacity and mask…

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