It’s time you were intentional about your leadership goals.

It’s time you were intentional about your leadership goals.

Be intentional

Be intentional

“I’ve never looked for a position in my entire career.”

That’s an excellent position to be in, but what if you decided to be intentional about your direction and leadership aspirations?

Are you allowing your path to be plotted by someone else? Selective, yes, but still simply taking it as it comes… if it comes?

Are you wondering why that “tap on the shoulder” hasn’t come your way just yet or why others seem to be blazing past you on the way up the leadership ladder?

Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the day has some insight.

If you need some direction on how to gain traction on your journey to executive leadership, and you’re wondering why you aren’t encountering steep inclines, in fact, you’re comfortable, it’s time you joined my private executive coaching practice.

Space is limited as I’m almost to capacity for Q2. New clients will receive a No Thanks branded journal (a 26.99 value) to guide them on their journey. (Swipe)



Use this link to  book a consultation and see how the right coach can accelerate your forward motion.

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