Have a cup of tea or coffee with me…☕

Have a cup of coffee or tea with me, and let’s hack your life and leadership goals together! That cup is on me if you relax on my couch at my office and join me in person. So local leaders and those who happen to be in town, head my way. 🚗 Did you know that I take clients on the fly, no contract, by appointment? Space is…

Yes Please! The audiobook is coming this fall

Yes Please! The audiobook is loading… It’s science + culture for your leadership journey in your ears. Look for it later this fall.

The sure-fire way to change your life 💯

  So, you want to change your life…your leadership trajectory? What could you accomplish if only you were consistent? That means that you can’t give up, Sis. Building new habits means that you need to stick to it, and not just for a week or month or two. My private online growth group is discussing it today and all this week. Watch the video to hear me talk…

What is one good habit you’d like to form this month?

Building great new habits that promote leadership and personal development is a crucial aspect of self-improvement. All this month in The Circle, we will be discussing what it takes to form good ones, and undo bad ones. Journal Question: What is one good habit you’d like to form this month that will put you on the road to success in life and leadership? Let me hear from you.…

Black Excellence Gala 2023 Hosted by L. Michelle Smith

Thrilled to take the stage with fellow alum and sportscaster @Newy Scruggs as we host the TCU Black Excellence Gala in celebration of the university’s sesquicentennial. It will be a night of awards and moving performances from students and alumni. I’m especially looking forward to the Gospel Word of Truth Reunion Choir and will likely be holding myself back from joining them somewhere backstage because that choir defined…

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