How to expand your tribe

  How to do get a more junior person to mentor you? I’m not expecting you to use those words when you approach them. You can, but there are other more organic ways. First things first, though, let’s get them into your circle. You’ve been too removed, Sis. Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt can put you well on your way. It’s just one more way to expand and activate your tribe.…

Ignoring the junior staff members?

In part two of our series on Assembling and Activating Your Tribe, we examine the benefit of having an uncommon group of people on your personal board—junior staff members. I know… the corporate hierarchy traditionally dictates that you deal with your immediate subordinates, peers and then upward and across into your boss’ realm and into their boss’ circle of influence. You only deal with the more junior people…

How to secure a sponsor

Have 10-20 years experience under your belt and are at least at the director level? Let’s talk sponsorship! In this 6-part series on Assembling and Activating Your Tribe, I discuss all the components of your personal board of directors to make it effective and how to activate it. Today, I drop two tips–how to initiate getting sponsors on board, and, conversely, how to make it happen more organically.…

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