Ignoring the junior staff members?

Ignoring the junior staff members?

In part two of our series on Assembling and Activating Your Tribe, we examine the benefit of having an uncommon group of people on your personal board—junior staff members.

I know… the corporate hierarchy traditionally dictates that you deal with your immediate subordinates, peers and then upward and across into your boss’ realm and into their boss’ circle of influence.

You only deal with the more junior people when you have a mentoring circle, right?

Yes. If you want to stay plastered in your current mode of operation. Some very well-respected people have called this “reverse mentoring,” but I have news for you: if you are tied to the concept that the reverse of mentoring means people “beneath you,” it means that you’re driven by a power dynamic—and only you or someone who outranks you holds the keys to crucial growth opportunities for you. The idea that power indicates knowledge, is an absolute mistake. You are going to miss information and relationships that can take you further faster in that mindset.

So shake it today.

You need to be mentored by junior team members. PERIOD, full stop.

I let you in on why in today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the day. It may be a newsflash for some of you, and it is about far more than this “digital native” concept.

There’s an entire chapter on building and igniting your tribe into action in my book, No Thanks. Grab either edition here.

I’m still psyched for the Class of 2022! Teaching you and processing with you was my distinct privilege. Congrats to you all. And to everyone else, don’t sleep on them.

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