Self improvement may be only one powerful question away 🌞

Coaching can sometimes seem magical, but when a credentialed coach engages with a client with evidence-based strategies, it really isn’t magic. It’s science. Our executive and personal coaching is rooted in the firm foundation of positive psychology, which is why we believe that you have all the answers. We have all the deep questions that allow you to get to those answers. Take a look at the text…

Plan to do the work 👊🏽…No shortcuts in 2023

  In all of your intention and goal setting, vision boarding, do the work. It’s as simple as that. Shout out to Donielle Tyeskie,M.S. for our annual New Years rap session. WATCH the video here.

Time to reconsider?

  If you’re constantly pouring out and they never refill you… you might reconsider. LMichelleSmith.com/TheShift

Are you ready to make The SHIFT?

The SHIFT is your opportunity to transform your busy life and impact your home, work and community.  Whether you are an individual looking to accelerate positive growth and development,  a non-profit, a ministry or simply someone looking to build community with others while you move forward in life, The SHIFT is for you. We host private 1:1 sessions booked one appointment at a time, or as a long-term…

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