Are you ready to make The SHIFT?

Are you ready to make The SHIFT?

The SHIFT is your opportunity to transform your busy life and impact your home, work and community.  Whether you are an individual looking to accelerate positive growth and development,  a non-profit, a ministry or simply someone looking to build community with others while you move forward in life, The SHIFT is for you.

We host private 1:1 sessions booked one appointment at a time, or as a long-term package depending on your goals, and we also host support groups, masterminds and challenges on topics that are impacting people today.  Led by award-winning, bestselling author, speaker, facilitator and credentialed executive & personal coach and advisor to the Fortune 100, L. Michelle Smith, you or your team or group will learn how to leverage tenets in positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to move forward in life and achieve the goals in life that your heart is set on.

Currently, we are hosting a 10-week Peace & Productivity Mastermind that is open to anyone who is interested in getting back on track with their goals despite what life has thrown at them.  Many of you were introduced to your methods because you participated in the Challenge of the same name. If you did, you will receive nearly 50% off your enrollment! So you need to go ahead and sign up before Thursday’s kickoff session. It’s hybrid, both LIVE and On Demand to fit your busy lifestyle.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form on the website or enroll directly at  Other events will be announced soon.  In the meantime, if you’d like to book an exploratory session for yourself or your organization, please reach out to book a 30 minute video meeting by calling 469.523.1453 or reserving time on our calendars.

Register for the Mastermind and learn more about The SHIFT at

Warmest Wishes,
Coach L. Michelle

Don’t miss our monthly interest meeting for all of NSC Coaching. It happens Tuesday at noon CT. Register at I’ll see you then!

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