Ep 94: Self Made with A’Lelia Bundles

SO MANY GEMS DROPPED! Did you know that Madam CJ Walker hosted one of her first Mary Kay-like conventions in 1917? Do you know what date that was in history? Just on the heels of the so-called “Spanish Flu” the only other pandemic in American history, and much like the #bossbabes of today, she had to weather the storm with her business during her era’s own #covid-19. Other…

Ep 93: #ThrowbackThursday My Tribute to Earl Graves, Sr. with Alfred Edmond, Jr.

YOU KNOW, I haven’t slown down since the slowdown. I canceled my daughter and my trip to Disney, but I never took the actual time off. I literally went into overdrive supporting people, their brands and their careers in light of Covid-19. But a conversation with my own mentor coach revealed that I needed some self care in a hurry. It seemed time to take a break, and…

Ep 92: #ThrowbackThursday The Basics of Creating Raving, Loyal Fans with Lamar Tyler

When Lamar Tyler sets his mind to something, it gets done, let me tell you! When I first met him and his lovely wife Ronnie, I was extremely impressed. Let me first say that the bloggers of today are not cut from the same cloth as the ones my teams first worked with in 2008…I’m talking about Lamar and Ronnie, Patrice Yursik, aka Afrobella, Luvvie Ajayi…I think you…

Ep 91: The Coaching Corner on LinkedIN LIVE, Leading Through Covid-19

  We talk about this pandemic and how it is impacting you as a leader–of your home, of your work or your business.  This is heavy, everyone.  It’s talk about it LIVE on The Culture Soup Podcast® On #LinkedInLIVE

Ep 90: To College Seniors in the Age of Covid-19, with Love, Special Guest Host Neil Foote

To add insult to injury, college grads not only have their commencement ceremonies in limbo or delayed until the fall, but every senior year event has been cancelled.  Not only do they face being locked down at home or in their small apartments, that awesome job market these GenZers were told to look forward to is now up in smoke.  Now, they are entering a very crowded job…

LMS Tapped By The Mom Project for Career Coaching During the Crisis

I’m looking forward to working with @the_mom_project to provide career coaching to professional moms who are attempting to weather this crisis. In the coming weeks, I’ll be matched with moms who are attempting to navigate these perilous times for themselves and their families. Rockstar leaders are moms too. I can relate. #certifiedcoach #career #leadership #covid19

LMS Tapped as Guest In-App Expert for Building Brave

Glad to be in partnership with Building Brave as a featured in-app expert April 20-May 2 delivering content and responding to app users’ questions about topics impacting professional women during this unprecedented season of crisis. I’ll be sharing on the following topics: .. ???????? Why Your Virtual Presence Matters ????????Your Virtual Presence and Your Personal Brand ????????Virtually Communicating your Value ????????Performance Excellence In a Virtual Environment …and more.…

Ep 89: Is Your Career In Crisis with Covid-19? with Tristan Layfield

  It has already started: the first wave of layoffs, furloughs and surplusses have happened and there is more to come. How do you look for a job in this environment? What industries are hiring? How can you prepare for inevitable change brought on by the pandemic. Ready to FINALLY get your LinkedIn presence tight? It’s time. Tune in to hear my friend Tristan Layfield as he returns…

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