About our hair at work: Let us live. Leave us alone.

About our hair at work: Let us live. Leave us alone.

Here’s the deal: that our hair is even a topic at work, positive or negative, is microagressive. Policing, monitoring even providing runway commentary at work is unnecessary, and it is annoying at the very least.

Others have to dye their hair purple to get this sort of attention at work.

This is the second time that sisters at this news station
faced this scrutiny publicly. First with Demetria Obilor
nowTashara Parker. Both of them stood up for THEMSELVES, explaining their hair, their bodies in the most public way. Even in more private venues, this stinks.

Employers—-WE ARE TIRED OF EXPLAINING US. Why is it on us? Because we trend? Because it is public, it feels exploitive.
And not many of us have trended or gone viral, so you may not know how invasive it can be and how cruel the trolls are. However, when it happens in the quietness of a workplace or video conference, make no mistake, it can be just as taxing.

Imagine the mental gymnastics–at work.

Let us live. Leave us alone. #nothanks #nothanks.

P.S. This reporter is amazing.

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