What bad behavior are you tolerating?

What bad behavior are you tolerating?

Sis, what are you telling yourself that allows the bad acting to continue to hurt you in your workplace?

🛑 I’m afraid if I say something about it, it will just reflect negatively on me
🛑 I’m a subordinate. I have to take it.
🛑 I don’t know how in the world to look for a better position
🛑 I just love this company so much
🛑 The money is good and steady
🛑 I don’t think another company will see my value
🛑 this is a top performing, well-respected leader. It could be career suicide
🛑 My focus is on my family/spouse right now
🛑What on earth would I say?
🛑 I know what to say, but the behavior won’t change.
…. the list goes on.

And so you stay in the situation…and the bad acting doesn’t have to be EEOC-worthy, just upwardly mobile debilitating.

What are you tolerating?

Sis, the villain in your story is fear. Only you knowing your value will rescue you you.

Who is ready to push through the fear with counter-corporate courage and put yourself first for a change?

Reach out for a free consultation for culturally-nuanced and intersectional executive coaching.

As one of the executive leaders in my new book, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself,  said in a recent media interview about the book, “…the answer really is between your ears.” (Sheryl Adkins-Green)

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