Do you operate from a position of scarcity or abundance?

Do you operate from a position of scarcity or abundance?

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Do you operate from a position of scarcity or abundance?

Now, I’m not into the trendy manifestation –that if you simply say it X times all of your problems will be solved. However, I do believe that faith plays a major role in how you prosper and your mindset is definitely key to that.

If you operate from a scarcity mindset, you will anticipate the negative “what if” scenario. That will keep you away from what could be on the other side. Great example is if you have the opportunity to bring on your first 10 clients, but before you execute the contract, you’re already wondering how you will have time to take them on. In fact, a scarcity mindset whispers to you, “You can’t do this.” This mindset will also have you hard selling and cold calling everyone in sight simply to meet your next expenses.

An abundance mindset begins with knowing that you have been supplied with everything you need to succeed and thrive, through your faith in yourself and in God. You do not worry. You see the opportunity and when you pray you move your feet. The key is putting action behind it. When that 10-client contract comes your way, you’re ready because you planned for abundance. Else, you jump into action to see that it works.

People who begin from a position of abundance are big dreamers, and they aren’t afraid to see their dreams come true while they walk in their truth.

If you find that you are operating from a position of scarcity, with some practice and simple shifts, you can begin to operate in abundance. What you say to yourself matters, and while affirmations help reverse the negative self talk, please do not get it confused with saying a statement X number of times to watch things magically happen. There’s a little bit more to it than that.

So which mindset are you operating from?

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