Taking on Hump Day #Avengers Style 

Taking on Hump Day #Avengers Style 

Best Selling Author Dallas

I may not be made of iron, but I do have some formidable superpowers. Have you realized yours? Are you wielding them?

They could@point you to your purpose and the value you bring to this world. I say to my clients that super powers are those HARD skills that you have that if someone tied weights to your ankles, blind folded you and dropped you into the ocean, you could still do that thing to near perfection.

Typically you have about three of these exceptional skills.

How are they organic to your story? This is great journaling prompt for you who are on a mission to uncover your truest “one thing”—- that one problem you solve.

There is more to the exercise. Teach out if you are interested in finally nailing down your value proposition.

PS. My daughter and I are big fans of the #MCU Who has seen the new #Spiderman trailer?

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