It really isn’t ours to fix

It really isn’t ours to fix

If a domestic abuse victim survives, is the burden on the victim to explain and correct the problem of the abuse?
Or do you protect them and provide a safe haven so they can heal and get on with their lives?
You’ll agree that it is on someone with more power to address the abuse, and if they can, shut down the abuser. …
Companies… as you lean into your black employees to explain how they are feeling in the spirit of education and understanding, please understand that …

???????? they are already under enough stress and anxiety right now. Why add more?
????????the oppressed shouldn’t be the ones to bear the weight of always

explaining the acts of the oppressor constantly and offering ways to fix it
????????how will you address the ills within your workplaces and the people who are responsible? …
????????Racism is an ages old problem. Why are we acting “brand new” ?

Companies, yes, listen if your black employees want to share, but understand that it isn’t their responsibility to fix anything or foster a better work environment. …
It’s yours.

Please find a better course of action to address the problem.

That’s it. That’s the post.

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