How to Move Forward by Making Statements

How to Move Forward by Making Statements

Isn’t time you made like Nike and just do it?

What would happen if you replaced your requests with statements? Or better yet, you just acted.

And by statement, I don’t mean a command. Just a good old fashioned declarative sentence. By just acting, I’m not suggesting that you steal.

Here’s an example:

✅ A request: May I take off from work a little early to attend my son’s awards ceremony?

✅ A statement: Jim, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be stepping away early to attend my son’s award’s ceremony. I’ll be back on email (insert an appointed time.)

✅ Just take action: Log off, power down and attend your son’s event.

Let’s rank the options:

❌ Option 1 Is a typical move someone makes who is still needing to prove themselves. Excellence isn’t routine.

❌ Option 2 is definitely in that trust-building stage. You are still questioning, or your boss still has questions about you.

You’re past this.

🌟 Option 3: Is a total boss move. You walk in excellence, so no one will question your actions. If they need you, they know how to reach you.

It is all about positioning. My sister, if you are a rockstar leader, its time you started moving like a boss. This not only applies to work life integration, but it also applies to ideas, concepts or risks you want to move forward. as a transformational leader.

Check out this article from Inc that discusses the topic.

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