A Unique Perspective on Leadership for Black History Month with A History and Future Maker 🌟

A Unique Perspective on Leadership for Black History Month with A History and Future Maker 🌟

Book L. Michelle Smith, three-time best-selling and award-winning author renowned for her expertise in business and leadership for your Black History Month Events. She will be sharing “Breaking the Chains: Five Ways Black Historical Culture Influences Today’s Black Leader… and What to Do About It.”

In this compelling talk, L. Michelle delves into the cultural roots that shape the approaches of Black leaders in today’s corporate America. She explores how historical norms, both empowering and challenging, have been imprinted in our DNA through generations of adversity. A student of culture at the apex of evidence-based leadership tenets, she will guide your leaders through the process of recognizing, bolstering and overcoming subconscious influences, empowering Black leaders to seize their power and break free from outdated norms.

Coach L. Michelle Smith is a trailblazer, making history and shaping the future by uniquely focusing on the intersection of culture and science, particularly positive psychology and neuroscience in leadership for the under-represented both as an author and leadership coach. As one of the estimated 3% of certified executive coaches in the U.S. who are Black and female, Coach L. brings a perspective that is both rare and valuable.

To facilitate a discussion about tailoring this message to meet your organization’s specific needs, we invite you to submit a speaker request at lmichellesmith.com/speaker-request. This will be an excellent opportunity to explore how Breaking the Chains can contribute to your Black History Month programming and further enhance your Employee Resource Group initiatives.

Be sure to ask about her topic for Women’s History Month as well.

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