How can you add rocket fuel to your leadership aspirations?

How can you add rocket fuel to your leadership aspirations?

There really is only so much merchandising of your own work that you can do. You need to create buzz about your work, and allow influential people to carry the word about your good work in order to propel you into executive spaces.

Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the Day provides one strategy, the echo effect, that may help you create the kind of buzz about you that matters. It’s a method used in strategic communications to influence the behaviors of your target audience.

After all, your job isn’t simply to create awareness about your work. It’s to move the people who matter to act in ways that will positively impact your desire to lead and contribute in bigger ways to your company and your industry.

💥Identify those rooms and meetings where your stakeholders/the key leaders’ peers gather.

💥Take note of who those stake holders are and their relationship to the key leader.

💥Be honest about the work that you do with them, and if it needs improving, get on it.

💥Develop relationships with key stakeholders in that room or meeting.

💥Give it time.

There are also some rooms that you shouldn’t know about. Find out about them anyway, 😉and ensure that key players in those spaces where decisions are made will advocate for you because you’ve positioned yourself that way.

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