Looking for a solution?

Get crystal clear about the problem first. If you need to get clear on a solution, start by clarifying the problem first. Coach L. Michelle discusses an easy way to get to clarity and alignment with your teams if you are working together to get to the same goal. Engage Coach L. Michelle for yourself and your team for training or executive coaching . Visit lmichellesmith.com and book…

It’s time to get real about the gremlin between your ears 🤔

Negative thoughts are hard to banish. It takes science, and it takes commitment. But mostly, it takes unlearning, and that means repetition and consistency. Watch Coach L. Michelle explain what to do…and then keep doing… the moment you hear from that “itty bitty committee” in your head.

Need more insight? 3 ways to get you back on track.

When I explore with leaders ways to get more creative, innovative or productive, I lean into what neuroscience tells us about how our brain functions, and how new habits can make all the difference. Lately, I’m spoken about moving from a calm and clear mind to focus, and how focus gets you to insight, but how can you ensure that you’re not just spouting data or being rote?…

SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy

Don’t miss this opportunity for those focused on improving your chances at E-C-Suite roles. Introducing the SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy.   You will learn to Increase your influence Position yourself for executive leadership Overcome gender and cultural biases Increase your earning potential and transform your life! It is a 6-month, hybrid training and coaching opportunity with live training and group coaching sessions once a month, video on-demand modules…

Plan to do the work 👊🏽…No shortcuts in 2023

  In all of your intention and goal setting, vision boarding, do the work. It’s as simple as that. Shout out to Donielle Tyeskie,M.S. for our annual New Years rap session. WATCH the video here.

Time to reconsider?

  If you’re constantly pouring out and they never refill you… you might reconsider. LMichelleSmith.com/TheShift

Fire yourself 👏🏽

I am looking forward to a big vacation this holiday season. It’s the third big one for me and my daughter this year. I’m reflecting on how small decisions to delegate, assign tasks, hire help and generally offload tasks have enabled me to take more time for myself and my family from week to week and even year over year. I work no more than 30 hours a…

Give the gift of leadership transformation.

We’re introducing coaching gift certificates. Get one for your friends, family members or colleagues for the holidays. Several increments are available toward the purchase of executive & personal coaching services. Surprise them with a brand new approach to their leadership aspirations. Also… ONE DAY ONLY… Black Friday DEAL: 20% off a single session when you purchase an executive coaching gift certificate at the individual rate. Hurry… the offer…

Senior Seminar

Excited to announce my return to TCU’s campus in person this fall for a 4000-level course focused on graduating seniors from the TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication. In both sections of Senior Seminar, I will be sharing how to best prepare to lead in this new work environment as communicators bringing my unique blend of leadership development and strategic communications to the table for these young aspiring…

LMS talks stress management for leaders during challenging times

Tension continues to pile on with one headline after the other. If it isn’t a health crisis, it’s economic or the commodities we all need—not to mention the tension in our culture around changes that impact all of us in one way or another. On top of that, you’re expected to lead in your company, your business, your community, and your home. How do you manage the stress…

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