Join The SHIFT Peace & Productivity Mastermind

When life shifts, its time for you to find the message in the mess. Join other extraordinary leaders of this 10 week group coaching that will support you in putting your Peace & Productivity plan into action. Once a week, with breaks for holidays, we will meet to ➡️Take control of what’s holding you back ➡️Center and leverage your values to prioritize your “crystal balls” and “rubber balls”…

Are you ready to make The SHIFT?

The SHIFT is your opportunity to transform your busy life and impact your home, work and community.  Whether you are an individual looking to accelerate positive growth and development,  a non-profit, a ministry or simply someone looking to build community with others while you move forward in life, The SHIFT is for you. We host private 1:1 sessions booked one appointment at a time, or as a long-term…

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