How to regain your focus, despite it all 🧐

It’s hard to regain your focus when you return from a long break away from work. Who else still has holiday on the brain? 🙋🏽‍♀️ It’s even harder when the news of the day is triggering (i.e. the resignation of Dr. Claudine Gay, international conflict, politics headed into what promises to be a contentious election). Some of you are drinking from a firehose like I am, and still……

Want to think clearly? Mind what you eat. 🧁

Hey, November! 🍂🍁 We’re diving into an exciting month of growth and empowerment within The Circle, my online, private growth group. You should join us! This month, we’re unlocking the secrets to optimal brain health, productivity, and innovation. 🧠💡 👉 Today’s Tip: Did you know that your gut health affects your brain function? Neuroscience suggests a strong gut-brain connection. The state of your gut can impact your mood,…

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