Black Enterprise Names The Culture Soup Podcast®️ to List of 35 Black Podcasts to Tune Into and Download

35 BLACK PODCASTS YOU NEED TO TUNE INTO AND DOWNLOAD by BLACK ENTERPRISE Editors December 26, 2019 The podcasting market has boomed over the last couple of years for black podcasters. Companies like Spotify and Google are often on the lookout to help people find and establish their voice through podcasting. And, with platforms like, you can record, edit, and distribute your podcast from your smartphone. Yes, it…

Ep 69: Of Confessions and Transparency with Toure

SOMETHING HUGE happened while I was preparing for the #LinkedinLIVE broadcast… and it is just perfect for our Culture Soup Moment as I bring back my friend author, political commentator and podcast host Toure! Are you ready? He’ll talk about how he is getting personal and reformatting @toureshow, his political-cast @democracyish and a new YouTube series he’s embarking on. It’s all Thursday on #theculturesouppodcast

6 Tips for Your Next EmCee Gig

DIFFERENT SKILLS are required for different opportunities.  The more skills you’ve honed, the more repeat invitations you will receive for those skills. Whether you are asked to be an emcee, a moderator, a keynote, a panelist, a facilitator or host a fireside chat, each comes with different demands and require different skills. I am elite communicator, and with that comes not only the ability to pivot, but the…

Ep 67: Achieving Brand Authenticity in A New Mass Market with Candace Peterson

WOKE-WASHING.  Pink Washing. Pride-Painting. You’ve seen it in marketing and advertising, or maybe you don’t know what any of it is.  Either way, you need to tune in for the brand new episode on Thursday.  I’m talking to the global practice lead for consumer brand marketing at one of the largest communications and integrated marketing agencies in the world, FleishmanHillard.    She and her teams are on a…


  DALLAS, TX | LOS ANGELES, CA– (Dec 3, 2019) What leadership and business lessons could you learn from a 21-year old?  For Jaylen D. Bledsoe, chairman of The Bledsoe Collective, Inc., the lessons are in resilience, innovation, cultural insight, transformational leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and marketing—but he isn’t just any 21-year-old.  Jaylen has signed with Dallas-based no silos communications group (NSC Group) to connect him with corporations as…

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