That one Day in Dallas that Blessed My Church

That one Day in Dallas that Blessed My Church

If you read my new book No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself, you know there is a nice dash of Black Church culture in it and historical nuggets about my home church.

Yes, that is who you think it is in the middle. Some of you will recognize the man on the right as the legendary and very young Dr. C.A.W. Clark. My parents just casually approached on me over the holidays with this original. 👀

You’ll have to get my book to understand why this photo is so unique and the leadership lesson therein, but this is at my home church, the original building of Good Street Baptist Church on Good Latimer Blvd. I was a member on Bonnie View Rd where it currently sits here in Dallas, Texas.

Yes, that is Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was reminded of it when I saw the trailer for Dr. Henry Louis Gates new book and documentary on PBS due out in Feb called #TheBlackChurch. He’ll join me on The Culture Soup Podcast® later this quarter to discuss.

I had to ask him if Pastor Clark was mentioned, and he confirmed that he is definitely mentioned in this doc. I mean, how could you NOT.

MLK knew what was up. I make reference to this day in #NoThanks. The leadership lessons I learned in the Black church are many. I’ll explore in upcoming projects.

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