I have a list of “to-dos,” under one of goals to take my daughter on foreign holidays. I dreamed it when she was a baby. One of those to-dos is to obtain her passport, because I’ve always wanted to simply turn to Joni on a whim and say, “Let’s go spend a month in Belgium” or some far-flung place. That document has been sitting on my desktop for the past year. Pandemic and life things happened that delayed my following through. But my recent trip to Hawaii has provided me with a bit of incentive. It’s my second time taking her. This time she will remember everything!

Cue the progress loop. Watching her pack her bag recently and do all sorts of things she couldn’t before to prepare for our summer vacation to Hawaii recently, then reflecting on how much effort it no longer takes me to get her packed, through TSA or entertained on a long trip…it’s all incentivized me to keep going. A little motivation goes along way! We’ve now crossed the Pacific a couple times together—- once when she was four and again at age nine. Now it’s time to take on the Atlantic.

Sometimes the only motivation you need to get started, is to get started… do a little something, feel the success, then feel the dopamine hit your brain loves, that sense of accomplishment. Next thing you know, we’ll be striking Disneyland Paris off the list.

What goal to you need to get going on? Allow me to help get you moving in the right direction. When I return, the mastermind that I’ve nicknamed goal slayer kicks off on Thursday. Some of you plan to join us, but you haven’t signed up yet. Here is your chance!

Find it in the nav bar to the left, or simply click this link: bit.ly/NSCMastermind. You can also still save 10% at checkout with the code NSCGOALS22.

What are you waiting on? Don’t let Joni become an author, entrepreneur (she just launched a slime shop) AND world traveler before you get this one thing done. 😂

You can do it!

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