Positive Psychology

Embrace the Joy of Self-Care! 🌟

Did you know that laughter and amusement are powerful tools in your self-care toolkit? It’s true! According to research from the Mayo Clinic, laughter not only feels good but also has tangible health benefits. My clients are enjoying a new aspect to our sessions. I have a deck of self-care cards, and I pull from them randomly and use them for reflection and for action. I was excited…

Want to think clearly? Mind what you eat. 🧁

Hey, November! 🍂🍁 We’re diving into an exciting month of growth and empowerment within The Circle, my online, private growth group. You should join us! This month, we’re unlocking the secrets to optimal brain health, productivity, and innovation. 🧠💡 👉 Today’s Tip: Did you know that your gut health affects your brain function? Neuroscience suggests a strong gut-brain connection. The state of your gut can impact your mood,…

Take the 3-Day Confidence Booster Challenge with Coach L. !

What if you could boost your self-esteem and push through fear? Join me for the FREE, 3-day NSC Confidence Booster Challenge! You will learn how to 🚀 Identify your unique confidence killers 🚀 Devise a plan to oust them 🚀Learn skills/strategies to boost your confidence to prepare you for higher levels of leadership 🚀Walk away with tools to sustain your confidence even in the toughest situations Join award-winning,…

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