🌐 Unlocking Leadership Potential with DISC! 🚀

🌐 Unlocking Leadership Potential with DISC! 🚀

Now that we have launched SOARDISCernIQ™️, you may be curious about what makes this particular assessment different.

The DISC assessment is a powerful tool for understanding behavior and communication styles.

Leaders, it’s crucial for fostering effective communication, collaboration, and team dynamics.

I’ve taken it twice in my life—once more than 20 years ago, the second time at the end of 2023.

My natural style has remained the same, but my adaptive style has evolved in some ways. My natural style is IC. This is how I am naturally. My adaptive style has shifted over time and is now an ID—that’s how I show up in rooms and spaces.

It makes me the boss that I am.

What do all the letters all mean? Over the next week, we’re unravel the four DISC styles for you.

These assessments are for anyone, especially if you want to have a deeper knoweledge of self and others, boosting your EQ. If you are a woman or woman of color, you will find this knowledge exceptionally useful as you navigate spaces with colleagues, bosses and stakeholders. It will provide more certainty, guard against second guessing yourself.

As a certified DISC practitioner, I even have tools that will help you estimate your colleague or bosses style without them having to take the assessment.

This kind of information will definitely empower your leadership journey! 💪

We’re now offering 1:1, single session consultations with a full DISC Report as well as workshops for groups and teams. Want to know more? Grab some time on my calendar to explore.

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