Are you living a double life?

Are you living a double life?

Best Selling Author Dallas

Our parents taught us to do it.

You know…

Live two lives. It’s that form of code switching that just about every working person has tried at least once in their lives: other than a couple photos of family on the desktop wall paper or on your desk, you pretty much keep to yourself. All they know about you at the job is your work during business hours.

But let’s be honest here: how many of you take your work home with you? Whether it is a project that keeps you up into the wee hours, or answering texts, emails and phone calls from bosses during dinner…or even if you took out the aggravation on your partner that you bottled up from the confrontation you finally had with Jim during that meeting—-this dance many of us do is exhausting.

If you are really upfront about things, you likely do a poor job of not allowing work to take over at home, so what in the world are you really achieving with this out-of-balance paradigm? What if you began to see your life as a continuum instead a two-act play?

The pandemic blew the cover off this mode of operation, so now’s your time to try it another way.

What if you lived “one life,” would you be more inclined to put yourself and that which is most important to you first? Could you re-prioritize more realistically? What if I told you that it begins with reaching for a more genuine existence in everything you do—-which will require setting boundaries that align with your values.

How would you show up differently to work? How would you lead better? How would your life at home shift?

This is only one of nearly 100 videos which speak to your exceptional leadership aspirations. I’ve compiled 52 of them into a journal that will take you through the entirety of next year to raise the bar on your leadership aspirations and help you reach your goals. Every week has a thought starter, intention setting for the week, coaching questions, a midweek check in and and end-of-week review and calibration.

Look for Slay Every Day: 52 Weeks to Rockstar Leadership, the journal to be released Jan 1, 2022. It’s a companion to the #NoThanks books.

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