Ep 34: Writing Your Own Ticket with Toure

Ep 34: Writing Your Own Ticket with Toure

If you haven’t figured out that you can’t get very far doing it alone, I’m here to tell you that it helps to have a robust personal board of directors specific to your journey. I won’t list everyone who is on my team, but this is one person who I not only want to share with you, but I need you to support his new podcast. Not the wildly popular one The Toure Show. I’m talking about his brand new one Free MFA. Not only do I have a fantastic literary editor, I’m blessed to have THE Toure as my book coach. You’ll remember him from Rolling Stone, MSNBC, Vibe and so much more. Toure is creating a space for serious authors who are working through the process with agents, major publishers and the entire writing process. You can self publish, and that is admirable, but Toure delves into the inside scoop on engaging in the big leagues. My journey began late last year, and I’m thrilled that he’s joining me as I plug along. So of course, it was my pleasure to bring him onto The Culture Soup Podcast™️’s new episode The Coaching Corner and share his wisdom with my audience…talk about his new show…and by the way, his unique writing rituals and even plug his new book coaching service. You won’t want to miss this!

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