It’s Virtual. It’s Monthly. It’s all about your next.

It’s Virtual. It’s Monthly. It’s all about your next.

If you are looking for a way to take your leadership vision to an actionable plan, I have something for you. NSC eLearning has upgraded its monthly membership subscriptions, and as always, no contract is required. You won’t even receive invoices. This new package upgrades the Premium subscription. but with more coaching time over the course of the year or indefinitely if you so choose.

You will receive:

1 digital tool per month (an audiocast, a video, a webinar, a masterclass, a checklist or cheat sheet)
1 50-minute coaching by Zoom, monthly with myself
Access to my exclusive and private, online NSC Coaching Community where you have access to me, even more, digital content, special offers and my coaching community.
It’s a full-year, renewable subscription. Pay $100 to sign up, and $150 per month.
Easy peasy.

For my email community only: sign up before midnight tonight and get the original edition of the No Thanks ebook and all three No Thanks branded virtual backgrounds for FREE. What are you waiting on?

Let’s GO!

Subscribe NOW. Cancel at any time.

There are more subscription-based leadership solutions at

See you online!!

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