It’s a job, not a marriage.

It’s a job, not a marriage.

Where does treating your relationship with your company like a marriage get you? .

❌You discuss looking into other positions like it is creeping, and that not looking around is an act of righteousness.
❌You only share company related posts on LinkedIn as if sharing other content is unfaithful.
❌ You won’t entertain recruiters and interview like it’s extra marital.
❌ You treat your current position as if you have pledged until death so you part.

Only there are people who leave their spouses for far less than you endure, Sis, and they really did take a vow. You may not even have a contract.

✅What if I shared that the fastest way up is to move out?
✅ What if I told you that your relationship with your company is only transactional?
✅What if I shared that simply by going to another company you stand to at least make 50% more, even if the move is lateral?

Have you lost sight of your value, valuing that big company’s brand over your own?

Sometimes getting better out of your relationship with your company is grounded in understanding your worth outside of it, and then putting that position in a more reasonable perspective.

How much taller can you stand recognizing the reality?

What power do you wield when you gather up all your credentials and go to the next opportunity that is best for you?

White men do this all the time and do not blink.

The three Black woman CEOS in the Fortune 500 left their positions multiple times, and guess where they are now?

Why not you, Sis?

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