Thrive Global compares No Thanks premise to Microsoft CEO’s thinking

Thrive Global compares No Thanks premise to Microsoft CEO’s thinking

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Clearly, when a journalist compares your thinking to that of the CEO of Microsoft, you’re probably on to something!

Thank you Thrive Global, for likely the most thoughtful piece on my book #NoThanks yet.

Indeed… solve for Black women…solve for everyone.

“L. Michelle Smith, an author, professional speaker and a certified executive & business coach, sat down with me a few weeks ago to speak specifically about the disadvantages that black women face in corporate America. Her most recent book, No, Thanks, is for black women and women of color. It concerns the significant disadvantage that Black women experience specifically when it comes to rising through the ranks and obtaining crucial executive leadership positions. Her argument: if we solve for black women, we solve for everyone.

And, her book makes an equally important point: it is not the role of a group of people twice disadvantaged to also fix the system that has created the disadvantage. The responsibility to create change, to build workplaces that are home-like in the sense that they are inviting, comfortable places for people to pursue their opportunities, is the opportunity of those in power. “

Read the complete article on ThriveGlobal. 

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