Are you undercutting your credibility?

Are you undercutting your credibility?

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You’re finally getting called on to do the “sexy stuff.”

You know, you’re beginning to get a bit of the exposure that most experts say will propel your career because your personal brand is finally being amplified.

Let me tell you, these grand gestures can be like a drug, if you allow them to be. They will lead you to believe that you are finally being accepted, included or even lifted up for more visibility for your company and the leadership roles that are nearly certain to come.

But if you aren’t paying attention to the small gestures, you could be undercutting all of that visibility faster than you anticipated.

Word to the wise: Know that when your profile is raised, you become an even clearer target for those who don’t have your best in mind. You will be scrutinized even more than you have before. So it’s important to get those small gestures on point.

You won’t see the criticism in response to that thought leadership post on social media, but believe me, someone is taking notes.

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