Microwaveable success only works in the kitchen

Microwaveable success only works in the kitchen

I understand. Your social media timeline is seductive. It appears that some people gain overnight success.

The truth is, when that happens it is the exception and not the rule—sometimes, it may be a farce. Let’s face it, most of us are the rule and hardly the exception. But even those who have exceptional track records will tell you their success took time.

Mind you, most of the grinding never makes the highlights reel, but let’s keep it scientific: did you know that your brain requires a healthy amount of repetition to learn, let alone master a skill or a capability?

When you finally get good at something, your brain has literally changed, evolved, and that takes time.

The old saying, “Practice makes perfect,” is worth revisiting because it really is true. So if you are starting a business, or angling for that C-Suite role, do yourself a favor and dig in deep when it comes to learning and upskilling.

If not, you may simply fizzle out fast. This is a long game, Sis. Are you ready to do the work?

Get ready to do, rinse and repeat…often. Neuroscience suggests this is how our brains are wired.

Read more about the importance of repetition in leadership development from this article The Leadership Platform.

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