Do you doom scroll?

Do you doom scroll?

Looking for a way out? Perhaps your answer isn’t simply unlearning the habit. It may be finding a community with others fighting the same habit.

Building great new habits that promote leadership and personal development is a crucial aspect of self-improvement. What’s Black about it? One of the insights in Yes Please! surrounds how Black women over index on negative feelings after taking in media (social or traditional) that impact their community–more than any other group. Thanks to Adriana Waterston and her team at Horowitz for the data, I could safely recommend a specific, prescriptive action for Black women leaders to shut down the newsfeed and the 24-hour cable news to improve their wellbeing and outlooks.

All this month in The Circle, we will be harnessing the power of community and discussing what it takes to form good ones, and undo bad ones.

In fact, our monthly growth group meets this Friday at Noon CT. There is still time to join in.

Join The Circle here.

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