Elevate Your Phone Connections with I Style – Influence 🎉

Elevate Your Phone Connections with I Style – Influence 🎉

Continuing our four-day series on DISC Styles Phone Communication, today, let’s unravel the vibrant world of Influence personalities. When communicating with the I Style over the phone, it’s all about upbeat and engaging conversations!

🎙️ What is important to the Influence Style on the Phone?

– Upbeat, Engaging Conversations: Infuse energy into your talks.

– Conversation: Starts with a lively, informal greeting. Loves to connect immediately through personal sharing.

🗣️ Your Caller is likely the I Style if…

– Initiates with enthusiastic greetings.

– Tends to connect by sharing personal anecdotes.

💡 Journal Question: How can you infuse energy into your conversations to align with the Influence Style’s preference for upbeat interactions?

When on the phone with the I Style:


Add feeling words, lighthearted humor, and recognition.

Word Choice:

Exit conversations positively and upbeat.


Keep it lively and quick, including personal stories.

🌟 Bonus Tip: Allow ample time for them to express themselves and share stories.

🌐 Share your experiences if you’ve encountered the I Style or recognize these traits in yourself or others. Stay tuned for more insights in our ongoing DISC Styles Phone Communication series as we take on S style phone mannerisms. 🚀

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