5 Benefits You Gain From an Executive Coach

Coaching is a billion-dollar industry. Either companies are securing them for their executives, or individuals are paying out of their pockets to get this resource on their side. According to executiv+co, executive coaching—once looked upon with skepticism—is now embraced as the way to a more enriched workplace, and leaders have discovered that it works. If your company invests in you in this way, you may see it as…

Ep 29: The Coaching Corner No. 1  with L. Michelle Smith

Calling all corporate and small business types: Your professional coach is in. Find out my why and my what, and tune in every 2nd Tuesday each month for The Coaching Corner.  I make a special offer on this broadcast.  How would you like to be coached, live on the show?  Take a listen.

LMS Launches Professional Executive & Business Coaching Private Practice

I’m celebrating the official Day 1 of the launch of my professional, private executive and business coaching practice.  It’s just one more piece to an ever-evolving plan that continues to unfurl, just as I envisioned.  What’s your vision for your small business… for your corporate career?  We can tackle it together, because in business, I’ve lived it.  But first, it may help for you to hear my why. …

FAQ: Coaching V. Mentoring—Which is for you?

Q1: What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? A1: Mentoring is a time where the mentor guides the mentee with advice or learnings that are personal to the mentor’s experience.  Many times, it results in anecdotes that have relevance to the mentee, and places them on a path toward success based on the mentor’s best practices, experiences or even insights gleaned from their own mentors. Coaching is…

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