How to find a credible coach

How to find a credible coach

These days, you can’t swing a hashtag without hitting a coach. So how can you find a credible one?

WATCH: I share some insight into what to look for when trying to evaluate the credibility of a coach. I provide several questions to answer in the video. Here are some other watch-outs.

🚩 coaching sessions that revolve around the coach’s similar experience (like a mentor would)

🚩 lack of scientific foundation in their methods

🚩 no business infrastructure: contracts, administrative processes, on-boarding and intake processes, policies, statements of ethics and standards

🚩 passing mere certificates off as certifications. There is a difference. Official credentials typically come with certifications. Certificates sometimes only indicate that someone is informed on a topic

🚩 they do not ask powerful questions that make you think and wait for your answers instead of giving you the answer or leading you

🚩 they do more talking than listening

🚩 they measure their experience in years and not hours– you can have the title for years, and only coached a little or maybe they haven’t had paid clients yet. Some may have more than 500 hundred hours with major organizations and accomplished that in a couple years

These standards and ethics align with those of the International Coaching Federation.

New coaches who are seeking reputable credentials should indeed be trusted. And you may even get a great deal on their services.

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