DEITECH Conference and Career Fair

DEITECH Conference and Career Fair


Although I spend the lion share of my time supporting extraordinary women leaders , from time to time, organizations ask me the inevitable:

How should we be approaching DE&I now?

And so I speak from the perspective, insights and voice of women and other marginalized groups and the allies who champion them because that is whom I’m listening to day after day—whether in coaching sessions, on the road at speaking engagements or at other community events.

This keynote that I will share with DEITECH conference next week reflects those learnings, and iit is likely my second-most requested message from over the past year.

Yes, the dominoes will fall whether you push them or something else does. The question is, how will you use that situation to innovate?

Now is our chance to find the collateral beauty in it all. But are you willing?
Thank you, Founder Daryll Paiva for having me on this extraordinary roster once again.

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