Psst…Meet Our New Coaches Next Week

Psst…Meet Our New Coaches Next Week

Entrepreneurship is unique.

It isn’t self employment. That’s where you simply try to make enough to pay yourself, and that’s enough.

It isn’t a hustle.

Hustlers live for the next get and no real plan for what that might be. They don’t have credentials either.

Entrepreneurs put the processes and people in place to scale and grow so that things run whether they are there or not.

There’s also a vision.

I remember sitting in the office of a C-level executive, whom I respect, about two years ago and he made this comment, “L. Michelle, everything you start grows bigger, and you have a big vision that is strategic, and some people get lost in the day to day tactics and can’t see clearly, while you’re always focused on the big picture.”

Next week, I’ll begin to unravel some of that big picture for you when I introduce some new team members in my coaching practice and the alliances that will bolster it.

The North Star here, the only goal that matters, is we will be able to support more professionals in their efforts to reach their goals to be leaders, rockstar leaders, in their lives and in business.

This is my work. This is my ministry. There’s no separating it. And we are passionate, trained professionals. Together, we are even more powerful and mission driven.

I’m blessed to advise Fortune 100 professionals, organizations and also entrepreneurs who have goals and dreams to be the best in a world that is driven by tech, business and culture. And with our help, they will win and are winning everyday.

I’ll share more next week.



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